APP & Gate Kiosk Information

Instructions are directly on the Kiosk Box at the gate entrance

entrance kiosk
App features

Akuvox App Features

  • Preview – See who is at the entrance before answering the call
  • Virtual Keys – Issue time-limited QR code keys and guest PINs, and share them with guests
  • Video Calling – See and talk to visitors with live video before buzzing them in remotely
  • Push Notifications –Get instant notification of incoming calls
  • Door Unlocking – Open doors using the “Open Door” button of the app or Bluetooth
  • Door Release Logs – Access to date- and time-stamped photos of door release events
  • Monitor Entrances – See what is happening outside by accessing the camera with the touch of a button
authorization PNG
The family member section is where the main account holder can add additional users to the app.
When setting up the app, Smart Plus app will ask to be added as a contact. This feature adds Smart Plus as one of your contacts. This feature helps so the number calling to your cell or landline would not automatically be listed as a spam number and ignore the call as some phone manufactures like Apple have in place.
For users calling from the Kiosk. You can list a landline or cell phone under the contact preferences