Homeowner February/March 2024 Update

Homeowner update:

Front Gates:

As most of us have noticed the gates have open for a bit. The gates are now in good working order.

The gate design is such that when there is a problem with either side they will stay open. On this go around, according to Ramco Protective (gate company) the the gate motors needed to be replaced.

From Ramco:
“We determined the motor is too worn to rebuild. Adding to that both exit machines are also in critical condition. So to get back in operation, we will need to replace the 4 motors. If we use the same equipment, the controllers are fine (one per lane).”

For those with a technical interest, we replaced 4 of these:


Homeowners have been asking how to get in touch with our new landscapers. We have created a new page on our website. See the link below.

Earth Wiz Landscaping

You will notice Earth Wiz will do individual work for homeowners. Special services can include:

Trimming styles
Personal Gardening
Extra or Specified Area Fertilization
Annuals – Ask about our semi-annual plan
Ask about adding on an automatic watering system for annuals (recommended for annual beds)

Earth Wiz: We love doing extra work. Needs plants, needs a landscape redesign, or just wants an update.

Lastly, the Grand Plan Landscaping project is almost completed as of this writing. The sitting benches are on order and will installed upon arrival.

We are still working on nightscaping for the circles. Stay tuned. …

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