Landscape Update

Landscaping Update:

The first day on the job was to tackle the irrigation system and find any problems.

The second day was fixing the problems they found on the prior day. They found themselves digging in, literally and physically.

Using technology and a bit of common sense they found:

Four zones not giving water. 3 solenoids (replaced with Hunter solenoids) and one decoder were replaced. We still have one valve (a little different) which needs to be replaced which is on this week’s agenda. 3 zones overlapped; meaning they were getting double water.

All hardwoods are still being watered from the builder’s days. None of them should be getting water at this point. Those are being shut off for now.

Eddrick’s goal is smart water delivery. And he seems passionate about it.  In the future we will be using much less water but getting better coverage. 

Every picture tells a story – Success


The cutting starts. WOW!


Meet Your Landscaper. Answer questions.

Final irrigation phase: Making sure water is getting to where it should to each home



EarthWiz are expert in planting annuals. They use new soil, fungicide, and a steady water supply. Feel free to inquire about adding a Hunter water supply system to your existing annual beds.