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should go to

Office ‪(239) 293-9377‬

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Earth Wiz General Schedule


Mowing will be scheduled every Wednesday

The weekly schedule is from April 1st – October 31st

The bi-weekly schedule is from November 1st – March 31st


Residential homes every 5 to 6 weeks

Neighborhood every Thursday

Palm Trees 2x per year

Coconuts will be removed during the regular maintenance

Palm fronds touching your home will be removed during regular maintenance


Landscaping debris will be picked up every Wednesday & Thursday at the end of the workday

Weed spraying will be done every Wednesday with the expectation of keeping every home relatively weed-free


Fertilization will be applied (5) times per calendar year Pest Control will consist of (9) visits per calendar year

Insect and other disease treatments for the turf and shrubbery will be sprayed as needed


Irrigation inspection and repairs will be performed once a month but observed weekly.

Note: Proper irrigation takes great care. We will be monitoring the community for signs of too much or too little water. Getting that perfect amount is always a challenge. Weather, time of year, rainfall, and humidity are in constant flux.

Add on Services

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Special services can include:

  • Trimming styles
  • Personal Gardening
  • Extra or Specified Area Fertilization
  • Annuals – Ask about our semi-annual plan

Ask about adding on an automatic watering system for annuals (recommended for annual beds)

We love doing extra work. Needs plants, needs a landscape redesign, or just wants an update.