On behalf of the Sereno Grove Board of Directors, I want to extend our warm prayers and wishes for a Happy Holiday Season. 

2021 flew by in a blink and it moved even faster for the Sereno Grove Board. In our first year of operations as an independent community, we faced an inordinate number of unexpected challenges as we transitioned away from the Developer. The community inherited an underfunded budget, no reserves, a growing list of construction deficiencies, and multiple legacy contractors hired by the Developer. This translated into a prodigious work scope requiring, selfless dedication and an enormous time commitment. I am proud to report that the Sereno Grove Board of Directors not only stepped up the challenge but delivered impressive results with unparalleled success.

John Dietz, Mike Sanzera, Jim Hicks, and Kevin Yue are some of the finest Board Directors I have ever served with, and I/We owe them boundless thanks and gratitude. They worked tirelessly, day and night on their personal time to interview vendors, hold existing vendors accountable, streamline processes, cut costs, lower monthly HOA dues, meet continuously with the Developer to correct identified construction deficiencies, work closely with our exceptional Landscaping Committee on common area beautification plans, and build a proprietary Sereno Grove Intranet designed to promote a closer and more inclusive community. These are just a few of the many accomplishments that the Board, and these specific individuals, have delivered to our community. Most important, however, is the uncompromising integrity, openness, and transparency of this Board in its service to the community. 

Although 2021 was a high velocity and tumultuous year, 2022 will be equally as challenging. We still face a headwind of challenges and there is much more to accomplish. We will continue to work with current vendors to improve their services. We will continue to find better vendors. We will continue to streamline operating costs. We will continue with strict and unrelenting financial management. We will continue to build the HOA’s financial stability. We will continue with our servant leadership and most importantly, we will continue to love and care about our community. 

Thank you for you allowing this Board the opportunity to serve you in 2021. For me personally, it’s a great honor and privilege to have earned your trust and support. I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022.




Daniel Trunfio 

Sereno Grove Homeowners Association Inc.

Author: Editor

Sereno Admin


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