Community Update Dec 19th, 2023


EarthWiz will be in on Wednesday, December 20th, cutting the grass and cutting. The following day, Thursday the 21st, they will start cutting again.

EarthWiz did a water check on Monday (December 18). They found 6 broken sprinkler heads. All have been fixed. The next irrigation phase will be to get a lot more granular regarding each home’s coverage and position of heads. This will get underway once the first cut is completed.

EarthWiz is monitoring the water flow and has adjusted it in various places. Their irrigation specialist, Eddrick, has a goal for smart water delivery in our community. And he is passionate about it.  In the future, we will be using much less water but getting better coverage.

 Recently, we backed the water off the bubblers around the hardwoods, and here is some math to ponder:  

Bubblers were set up in 2 zones, each set to operate for 20 minutes, with an average of 80 gallons per minute (GPM) discharge.

Water Conservation: Total savings of nearly 500,000 gallons per year! 

  • 80 GPM x 20 minutes per zone per day = 1,600 gallons per zone per day
  • 1,600 gallons per zone per day x 2 zones = 3,200 gallons per day
  • 3,200 gallons per day x 3 days per week = 9,600 gallons per week
  • 9,600 gallons per week × 52 weeks per year = 499,200 gallons per year

Some fun facts to consider: 

    • One inch of rainfall on a 2,000-square-foot residential roof generates 1,250 gallons of water that can be reused.
    • That same roof in a region receiving 30 inches of annual rainfall generates 41,000 gallons of reusable water.
    • The average U.S. household with a 10,000-square-foot lot uses up to 3,000 gallons of water weekly for landscape irrigation.

Conserving electricity: Total savings of 104 hours per year 

  • 2 zones x 20 minutes per zone per day x 3 days a week = 120 minutes of usage per week
  • 120 minutes per week x 52 weeks per year = 6,240 minutes (104 hours) per year

The next cut/trim will be Wednesday, January 3rd. EarthWiz does take off between Christmas and New Year’s.

Preserves – Keeping the preserves clean and clear of invasive species

Attached is our 5th and final preserve report for the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). To make sure we had the best opportunity to get a good final report, we lined up Dylan Humenay with SFWMD with our contracted company to walk around the preserves. If Dylan found anything, we had a licensed person who could remove the problem on the spot. Marco, the person writing the final report was also on site for this event. The report looks good, let’s hope this wraps up our compliance requirements for the preserves. We shall see…

Note: According to Dylan, SFWMD will return every 2 years to ensure we keep the preserves clean and clear of invasive species (as stipulated in our permit).

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