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As Naples embraces for Hurricane Ian, the following is a brief update on our community

Debris & Tree Removal
Since Sereno Grove has only one ingress and egress it is of critical importance to ensure we have
clean-up crews onsite immediately to remove fallen trees or debris resulting from excessive winds.
The HOA has already contracted for this service and the community is listed as a tier one priority.
Please understand that the contractor will require uninhibited access to our streets in order to
remove the debris and return our community back to safe standards. Please be sure to park your
cars in the garage or in your driveway. If you have family or friends visiting, please remind them
that street parking is prohibited until the storm passes and we can adequately address any potential
wind damage.

Entrance & Exit Gate
On Tuesday, September 27 (tomorrow) the entrance and exit gates will be locked open until
Hurricane Ian passes. This will ensure our homeowners can enter and exit the community
throughout the duration of the hurricane and especially in case of an emergency.

Outdoor Furniture
For your own safety and the safety of your neighbors, please remember to bring your outdoor
furniture, planters, pots, and other loose items indoors. For those that have not yet been through
storms with expected winds, it is not uncommon for loose objects to be recast into high velocity and
dangerous missiles.

The hurricane is currently tracking for a landfall north of Naples (i.e., the Tampa area). However, as
you know, this can change in a blink. If you want accurate and real-time information on Hurricane
Ian, the National Hurricane Center is an excellent resource.

I wish all of you good luck and please be safe.

My Very Best,
Daniel Trunfio
President, Sereno Grove HO

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