Landscape Circles & Common Grounds

Circle Idea #1

Canary Palm in the center with Powerpuff trees and various layered plantings at different height elevations.

Circle Idea #2

Canary Palm in the center with Powerpuff trees and various layered plantings with perennials/annuals added for color.

Circle Idea #3

Canary Palm in the center with various sections of plantings augmented with more color from annuals and perennials.

Circle Idea #4

Canary Palm in the center & various sections of plantings augmented with more color from annuals and perennials. A little different twist to Circle #3.

Extra Idea - Maxwell Court Only

One additional design – 3 Blueberry Trees with various plantings augmented with center flowering bushes and rows of planting to form an outer rim.

Sitting Park - End of Nicholas Way

Sitting Park - Mail Box Area

Mail Box Area

Sitting Park - Mail Box Area Idea II

Mail Box Area

Mail Box Area

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  1. They all look great, but #2 is my favorite. I think the Maxwell Court mock up is beautiful as well, but not sure if doing something so different in just one circle is a great idea, unless each circle is going to have its own unique flare. Park areas and mailboxes are awesome.

  2. #2 is our favorite. We think all circles should be the same. Love the parks. Mailbox area shows clusias replaced. Would keep the clusias even if adding the other mailbox landscape changes.

  3. Circle #2 is lovely. No grasses as in #1. Keep all circles similar, at least with center canary palm. Low maintenance. Sitting parks and mail box area are a great idea.
    Thanks for your effort on this.

  4. Just a thought. Shouldn’t more consideration be given to the people who live at or close to the various circles. They are the one who will see the plantings day in and day out. I could go months without seeing either of Liesl circle.

    1. Tom the residents of Liesl Cir probably feel the same way. How often do they drive down Maxwell. Think the time is NOW to get these 3 circles done as well as the end of Nicholas Way and the mailbox areas. I would think you could get a landscaper out to do these relatively cheap. We all know they get the plantings at wholesale. But all of this would add a very nice touch to the neighborhood. Most of the homeowners on all four roadways would have some pretty nice views

  5. Circle 3 rendering is a nice tailored look.
    Mailbox and Nicholas Way areas are very nice.
    Not sure the extended walkway and 2nd bench are necessary in the Nicholas Way rendering.

  6. I like #1 and #2 and definitely agree with the sitting area, although I would like to throw in the consideration of putting in a small playground either (swings and maybe a small climbing structure) at the end of Nicholas or at the mailbox area. We have families with young children in this neighborhood and it would give them a place to go during walks.

  7. We vote for #2 and yes on both park designs. They were all thoghtfully designed, #2 strikes the right balance of color, design and practicality.
    Thank you to the Board and all those who contributed to the design process.
    Carol and John

  8. Circle 3 offers a stately centerpiece without proximate/vertical competition…if we are taking a long term view, this cultivar needs room to spread. I also like the annuals spliced in for biannually planted color impact …all Circles should be consistent in design as foundational staples of the SG community.
    David W

  9. Hello all- thank you for putting together such thoughtful options. Kerri and I would like to support any of the circle recommendations put forward and would like to defer to those neighbors that live closest to the circles and mailboxes since it is in their vicinity/view.

    At this time, we would like to respectfully express our opposition to any development on the small parcel that is directly connected to, directly in the front of, and in direct view of our home on Nicholas. We are opposed to this specific development (playground/sitting area) for three specific reasons- with our highest priority being the privacy and safety of our children.

    In terms of the voting process- is it reasonable and fair to request the topic of development in our front yard to be held in a separate vote from the circles? These are distinctly two different types of projects and budgets (including build budget, operational budget, on-going liability insurance requirements (for a playground), and repair/maintenance budget (for a playground)). To have a singular vote to govern both decisions/projects could impede progress unnecessarily and or not afford proper consideration for a secondary but meaningful topic.

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