Lennar Recall Notice


June 30, 2022

Dear Lennar Homeowner,

We hope you are enjoying your Lennar home. With the safety of you and your family as our number one priority, we are reaching out with important safety information regarding a recall of one of the products installed in your home.

We have been informed by a vendor of a potential issue with the QO™ Plug-On Neutral Load Center (more commonly known as a Breaker Box or Electric Panel) that is installed in your home. This product is manufactured by Schneider Electric whose brand name is Square D (the name that will appear on most panels). Schneider Electric has reported to us that the potential issue detected is a loose neutral screw connection within the QO ™ Plug-On Neutral Load Center. If that connection is loose, the affected load center can overheat, posing thermal burn and fire hazards resulting in a potential for property damage and personal injury. For more information from Schneider Electric, please click here.

Schneider Electric has identified a solution to resolve this issue and eliminate any potential safety issue. Accordingly, please CONTACT SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC IMMEDIATELY TO SCHEDULE A FREE INSPECTION AND REPAIR OF THE RECALLED PRODUCT.

There are two ways to schedule the inspection and repair:

Contact Schneider Electric by phone at 1-888-778-2733; option 2,1,4 from 8AM-5PM EST; or
Create a Service Request via this link (please see the related notes below). https://www.se.com/us/en/work/products/local/safety-notices/2022/qo-pon-loadcenters/inspection-form/

Service Request Steps and Important Notes:
Please follow this link above and scroll down the page to enter your contact information. Purchase order information and purchase location is not required for homeowners.

Schneider Electric will forward your information to a certified electrical contractor in your area.

This referral process may take 30 to 60 days before the contractor contacts you to schedule the inspection. Please be patient while Schneider Electric works through this process.

Please be sure to state that you are a Lennar homeowner when you make contact with either of the above. You can read more about this recall in the attached notice from Schneider Electric.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this recall, and we are working closely with Schneider Electric to do everything we can to resolve this issue quickly and to make the process as easy for you as possible.


Darin McMurray
Division President, Southwest Florida

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