Maintenance Bulletin

Dear Homeowner,

On Tuesday, March 14th, 2022, Bonness will be on the property to install reflectors and stripe a small section of Nicholas Way. This project was commissioned to improve the safety conditions for vehicles entering and exiting the property. The work will begin at 8:00 am and will be completed by 5:00 pm. The following process is what you should expect whilst the contractors are on-site working.

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• Traffic in and out of the community will experience slight delays.
• There will be a traffic coordinator on site to control traffic and guide vehicles through the work zone.
• For the safety of everyone involved, please be on high alert and cooperate with the traffic coordinator.
• The speed limit through the work zone will be reduced to 5 mph.
• Drivers must stay in their lane and proceed only when the traffic coordinator signals them to do so.
• It is critical that drivers remain patient and do not attempt to maneuver around the contractors. This is not only a personal safety issue but could also cause damage to the freshly painted line.
• Violators of the aforementioned process will be responsible for any damages caused from their violation. This includes the cost for repainting and reinstalling new reflectors.

Thank you in advance for your assistance regarding this very important process.
The Sereno Grove Board

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