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Dear Sereno Grove Residents,

As many of you are aware, we have been short on rainfall this entire dry season (nearly 3 inches!).  As a result, our green spaces are looking dry.  Although the grass is a hardy species and will bounce back once a steadier rainfall amount is upon us in the summer, applying additional water from our lakes is not the solution to this problem.  The equipment, installed by the Developer, is not designed to provide additional irrigation in times of extremely dry weather.

When our turfs were installed during development, the quality of the soil that was brought in was insufficient in the appropriate nutrients to maintain its proper health.  Many of us have installed new plants or other landscaping to our properties but have been faced with a problem with plants unable to thrive as designed.  Soil testing performed by BrightView indicated that the soil was dry, lacking in a number of nutrients, and had a pH that was not useful in growing plants.  While these facts may sound a bit ominous, Brightview has had these types of challenges in the past and feels confident they can get our community to a place where we will all be proud.

In order to use our irrigation system effectively, a combination of water and nutrient application will help all our spaces look green and full.  This coming Thursday, April 28, BrightView and TruGreen will be applying fertilizer around the entire community.  The application of 25-0-8 (by nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium, or NPK) granular fertilizer is expected to green up the property within 2-3 weeks.  Lawn irrigation frequency and duration will not be increased, as that would wash away the fertilizer from our lawns and pollute our community’s lakes with excess nutrients.  The work is expected to take 1 day to complete, but a second day may be necessary to complete the work.

BrightView is very responsive to the issue and will continue to work with us to ensure we have green spaces that we can enjoy.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Brightview’s Chris Rodriguez, Irrigation Manager or Bud Bartareau, Sereno Grove Community Manager

if you have questions.  They can be reached at 239-234-6638

We appreciate your patience while working through this matter.   

Sereno Grove Property Management

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