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As part of our ongoing dedication to transparency within the community, the Sereno Grove Board of Directors will periodically share updates and important information regarding calendar events, meetings, and community reminders. Daniel Trunfio, President

Woodpeckers: At some point, we, and likely quite a few other of our fellow SG homeowners, will be replacing our cheeseball Expanded Polystyrene Foam cornices. As we all know, once the red-bellied woodpecker zero in on these during spring breeding/nesting season we get many holes excavated resulting in damage to repair and big foam particle messes to clean up. Some homeowners have explored options with different companies. Please contact for those who have an interest.

Spring Cleaning: We recently engaged Blastmasters to pressure-wash the entire community, and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. Many homeowners have expressed interest in having their individual homes pressure-washed as well. In response, Blastmasters has provided us with an à la carte menu for individual homeowners. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact them directly at It’s important to note that while we’re sharing this information, we’re not endorsing Blastmasters; we’re simply passing on the community pricing they’ve provided to us.

Scope of Cleaning Services: Driveway/walkway, Pool Deck/Lanai & Screens/Cage Enclosure, Exterior (No Roof), Roof & Gutters, Windows – inside and out.

Lakes and Water usage: As the seasons change, one of the frequently asked questions concerns whether our lakes will run dry. Our lakes are designed to manage large volumes of rain, and during the dry season, a pumping station ensures their stability. However, it’s important to use water wisely, as recommended by the system engineers. Keeping this in mind, homeowners who incorporate annual plants into their beds may want to consider installing a hunter-type irrigation system to meet their watering needs.

While annuals undoubtedly add vibrant colors and enhance curb appeal, they require different watering frequencies compared to our grass and standard plantings.

Earth Wiz offers installation services for these irrigation systems. For inquiries, please reach out to

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Some residents have inquired about obtaining approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). We’d like to remind everyone that the necessary forms and instructions are available on our community website.

We highly recommend submitting fully completed forms well in advance of any ARC meeting. Our aim is to ensure a smooth approval process and expedite the approval of homeowners’ requests as promptly as possible.

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